Welcome to the Coventry Schools Digital Creativity Awards. This annual event has been running in Coventry since 2010 and continues to provide schools with an opportunity to celebrate creativity and showcase their talents.

The events take place at the Welcome Centre which provide a “Red Carpet / Oscars” style event for children and families across the city. A celebration of the work of both pupils and teachers.

We are pleased to announce that we have managed to secure some sponsorship from KRCS to have additional trophies and prizes for the Awards night.



If this is something you would like to develop with your network of schools please get in touch:

Chris Smith

e: chris@embedit.co.uk
t: 07816888785
w: www.embedit.co.uk
tw: @embediT_Ltd






Courthouse Green – Little Heath – Eastern Green – Templars – Stanton Bridge

Alderman’s Green – Holbrook – Manor Park – Sowe Valley – Berkswell

Schools will join together for a celebration of digital creativity and to showcase the talent from across the city. The venue holds 650 people seated and allows access to come to the staged area to receive an award. There is a large screen and a high quality sound system so everyone will be able to sea and hear and sit comfortably. There will be refreshments in the foyer and limited parking at the venue (although alternative parking will be suggested by the Welcome Centre Staff upon arrival)2017-poster


Welcome Centre – 75 tickets per school for pupils, staff and parent


Wednesday 21st June 2016 – 6.30 – 8.30 (doors open at 6.00)


JD from Free Radio


TBC – this will hopefully be provided by yourselves if you have a school band, choir, dance troupe or drumming group etc


Each year group (1 – 6) from each school will submit one piece of creative digital content using a range of apps and software to create an entertaining presentation of no longer that 3 minutes long (this could be video, music, animation, images or ideally a mixture of a range of styles and techniques)

You might well have your own in school competition to decide who is going to represent each year group


This will take place on Friday 9th June so ALL entries must be submitted before that date. Entries to be sent to chris@embedit.co.uk either via dropbox or emailed or physically delivered on a disc or pen drive to:


Here are some examples of winning entries from previous years. I hope you enjoy watching them and they help you in the planning of your own work.

Follow this link for the 2016 Winners at the Trilby TV Blog https://www.trilbytv.co.uk/dca2016/


For the 2015 winners click on the clips below which are hosted by TrilbyTV:

Year 1 – St John Vianney
Year 1 – St John Vianney 2015 Entry

Year 1 – Courthouse Green

Year 1 – Courthouse Green 2015 Entry

Year 2 – Park Hill

Year 2 – Park Hill 2015 Entry

Year 2 – Templars

Year 2 – Templars 2015 Entry

Year 3 – Our Lady of the Assumption

Year 3 – Our Lady of the Assumption 2015 Entry

Year 3 – Eastern Green

Year 3 – Eastern Green 2015 Entry

Year 4 – Templars

Year 4 – Templars 2015 Entry

Year 4 – Holbrook

Year 4 – Holbrook

Year 5 St John Vianney

Year 5 St John Vianney 2015 Entry

Year 5 – Courthouse Green

Year 5 – Courthouse Green 2015 Entry

Y6 – Eastern Green

Y6 – Eastern Green 2015 Entry

Year 6 – Our Lady of the Assumption

Year 6 – Our Lady of the Assumption 2015 Entry


Here are some suggestions and resources to help get you started.

Please make sure your entry (the file) is named with the school and year group e.g. TemplarsY3.mp4 etc If it is a film please burn the .mov or .mp4, to a disc or memory sticker share the files via DropBox or OneDrive but DO NOT produce a DVD of your film as this causes me problems.

If you would like to submit an ebook then this is possible this year if you have created it in “Book Creator” as there is an option to save as a movie.

Contributions should be no longer that 3 minutes. they could include:

films – animations – music videos – music – or a mixture of all of them – be as creative as you can.


iMovie – Tellegami – PicPostPlay – Book Creator (exported as a movie) – Lego Movie – I Can Animate – Shadow Puppet Edu – Puppet Pals HD – Green Screen (by DoInk) – Quik – Adobe Spark Video – PicPost Play – ChatterPix Kids



iMovie – GarageBand – I Can Animate



Movie Maker – I Can Animate – Photostory